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As the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new. With Sean Malto and (soon) Alex Olson added to the Nke SB roster, Danny Supa has been released. Along with Todd Jordan, Reese Forbes, Richard Mulder and Gino Ianucci, Danny Supa was one of the first skaters on the current Nike skateboarding program. Sadly, after ten years, he’s been released, leaving Gino as the last OG team member. In an Instagram post Danny also took a jab in the direction of Koston, claiming everyone at the company is “busy suckin @erickoston off.” The image that went along with the message simply reads ‘Fuck Nike Skateboarding’. Although he apparently received severance pay, Supa clearly is unhappy with how the Swoosh has treated him in this situation. To be continued?

ONLY ONE OG LEFT….tsk tsk tsk….

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